"Lessons of White Nationalism, Racism, and Government"

February 2, 2021: The HGI Center hosted an interdisciplinary teach-in, featuring Rev. Thomas Franks, Rev. Dr. Courtney Bryant, Dr. Jonathan Keller, and Dr. Jeff Horn, in which faculty and students engaged in a critical exchange of ideas.

The United States is currently facing serious issues that divide its people, such as racism, sexism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and violence, which are constantly on display. The nation has pledged to uphold the respect and care of every living being and the belief that non-violent change can unite us in our democratic values.

At Manhattan College, we strive to foster dialogue and engage in the critical exchange of ideas as we work towards a better future, grounded in Lasallian values. We aim to redouble our educational efforts and encourage our students to reflect on our core values of civic responsibility, racial justice, and moral integrity across our campus.