Anti-Defamation League-Herman Ziering Papers

Tentative Itinerary

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Germany Trip

Irving Shapiro Vice Chairman of Anti Defamation League

Latvia Historical Commision

Elliot Welles 1995 Editorial 50th Anniversary of Camp Liberation

Elliot Welles Speech - Holocaust Remembrance Week 1981

Herman Ziering - Speech - Bernhard Press - Juden Mort in Lettland, Latvian History Commission 2000

Press Release Talks Dormant Jewish Assets Jan. 1997

In Honor of the Anti-Defamation League B'nai B'rith Reception Guest List

'Web of Hate' Extremists exploit internet

Herman Ziering Family Correspondence A. Foxman- ADL Leadership Mission to Israel and Jordan 1996

Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research in Latvia 2000

Honors German President 1989 Levinson

Jewish Combatants of WW2 - Spring 1980 Includes article by Abe Foxman on 'resistance within ghetto walls' pp. 25-28

Joseph Prize Delegation German ADL Dec. 1989

June 1985 'ADL Special Report; The Campaign Against the US Justice Dept. Prosecution of Suspected War Criminals' Civil Rights Division ADL

Memorandum - Ziering - Latvian News Letter 2000 May 22

Newsletter Swiss Truth Finding Mission - 1994

Oswego Camp Lea Ziering ADL letter to Lea ( Ternbach ) appreciation of CBS appearance

Personal Correspondence Foxman Invite to serve European Affairs Committee - Ziering

Photos Ziering 1998 - 1989

Program Abe Foxman Dinner Program 2000

Riga Survivors - Latvian Denial - Ziering Speech

Swiss Truth Finding Mission Itinerary 1997

Swiss Truthfinding Mission 1997 Swiss Banks Jan 1997

Trip German Re-Unification

1996-06-10 H. Ziering Elliot Welles

2000-05-22 Riga Ghetto fax from Latvian Ambassador Aivis Rouis to A. Foxman