Jewish Congress-Ziering

Jewish World Congress

Correspondence and papers that Ziering collected from the Jewish Congress.


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Camp Hohne 1950 n Germany -British Garrison 

Proposal to create an office representative of the Four Major Organizations Harry Greenstein to Eli Rock

1945 Regarding Lublin Broadcasts Zelmanovits

Neue Revue Aktuelles Feature on Ignatz Bubis

1940-03-14 Poland Jews letter by Knopfmarcher

WJC - 1940-10-02 Andrzey Kazimircz KOT

WJC - 1942-03-26 Letter to A.L. Easterman from Embassy of the Soviet Union

WJC - 1942-10-22 Response to Easterman from the Archbishop of London

WJC - 1942-12-16 Protest Meeting London, UK 1942

WJC - 1943-03-01 11-pt program against Nazi Mass Extermination of Jews

WJC - 1943-04-20 World Jewish Congress Mussolini Italy

WJC - 1943-07-02 Resume Jews Slovakia

WJC - 1944-03-21 Lord Melchett Crimes Jews in Poland

WJC - 1944-09-20 Directions to Mr. Easterman - Brodtsky

WJC - 1944-09-27 Red Cross Letter Response to Easterman

WJC - 1944-Report Letter French Jews Rescue

WJC - 1945-01-30 Kubowitzki Rescue Refugee Board

WJC - 1950 Bergen Belsen, Easterman Scottish Office London

1950-11-10 News Clipping -Swedish King Gustaf Adolf Funeral

WJC - 1966 - War Criminals - Austria

WJC - 1967-08-18 (1943-03-19) Warnings- The world knew

WJC - 1968 - Austrian Law Prosecuting War Criminals

WJC - 1970-01-27 Das Organisationsnetz der antidemokratischen Krafte in der Bundesrepublik

WJC - 1999-10-04 Fax - Neue Revue Aktuelles Feature on Ignatz Bubis

WJC - ADL Letter from John Merlander - ADL Librarian- to Noah Baron ( European Chair WJC ) request for copies of papers March 1945

WJC - Anti-semetic Letter citing oppression of Germans by Jews, 'American Judoracy' , 'East -Jewish Invaders'

WJC - British Ministry of Information A.S. Hodge to A. Easterman -refuses to use it's propaganda to help save Latvian Jews Jan 1943

WJC - British Ministry of Information to A. Easterman Congress Proceedings Jan. 1942

WJC - British section pamphlet May 1951

WJC - Cable Wireless 'Via Imperial' 14 Jan 1945 Moscow - Rosenberg

WJC - Cable; Norbert Wollheim to Stephen Roth - Air and Hotel arrangements December 1949

WJC - Cablegram 1952 Stockholm

WJC - CableGram Via Northern Nov. 1950

WJC - Cablegrams via Northern

WJC - Central Committee of liberated Jews in the British Zone - April 8 1950 resolution regarding 'surprise' negotiations between Israel and the East German Government

WJC - Congress - post confidential war memo British Section Re; Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals June 07 1960

WJC - Copy British Parliamentary Report on Buchenwald April 1945

Copy Ministry of Information A.S. Hodge to A.L. Easterman

WJC - Correspondence between Kenneth Grubb & A'L' Easterman 1942

WJC - Dec. 11- 1966 - Press Release - The New Situation in Germany

WJC - Hospital Transfer 1950 Josef Rosensaft Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the British Zone- Hungerstrike

Ignatz Bubis April 18 1997 Speech at the opening ceremony on Wehrmacht war crimes Exhibit, clashes with violent right wingers despite police presence

Institute of Jewish Affairs - (1955) Manuscript, Danish Health Service - Nazi Hunting Post War 'Anti Democratic Forces in the Federal Rep. of Germany

WJC - January 1950 Report to WJC American Jewish Committee, American Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish Agency for Palestine, Displaced Persons

Jewish Emigration from Central and Eastern Europe 50 years prior to 1943 - A. lL. Easterman - Wartime

Josef Rosensaft to Alexanfder Easterman From D P Camp Call for Protest on 3rd anniversary of liberation - British Restrictions

July 1948 Reply to article disparaging Jews in displaced persons camps as criminals - Berliner Zeitung # 103 Der Weg #30

Kurt Grossman (Exec. Assistant ) Report on Posrt-War Germany 1948 - Copy in Central Zionist Archives

WJC - Lady Reading Swedish King - Funeral - Lunc heon

Letter Feb. 10 1944 to Dr. Gerhart M. Riegner from Daniel J. Reagan Legation of The United States of America

WJC - Letter Harlan, Easterman, Segeant Henderson 1950

WJC - Letter Nickolas Burkhartdt ( Int. Red Cross ) to Ben Rubinstein re.; Hana Skutezky Case

WJC - Letter to Easterman 1949 Social Benefits

WJC - Letter, stamped with seal of British Foreign Office to Lliam Ivo Mallet ( under secretary ) to Alexander Easterman regarding reparation, claims

WJC - Letter-Cable Lady Readingwrites to The Chamberlain the king of Stockholm

WJC - Letters to Zelmanovits regarding anti Jewish legislation in Hungary, Romania, Poland

WJC - 'Problems in Jewish Life' 1949

WJC - Marchioness of Reading to Alexander 'Alec' Caisncross - German Reparations

WJC - Memo from Karl Baum to Barou et al - Re; Dispute regarding Agudus Israel negotiations with German Gvt

WJC - Nazi Hunting Congress Warnings Hungarian Deportations Ehrenpreis to WJC Gerard Riegner to Alexander Eastmann )ct. 1944

WJC - Nazi-Hunting Post War Report on situation in Germany August 1950

WJC - Noah Baron's copy of correspondence from Josef Rosensaft and Norbert Wollheim to A. G. Brotman ( Board of Dep. of British Jews ) Re; separate negotiations

WJC - Nov. 1950 WJC Letter in German - Roth

WJC - NY-American Branch Minutes of 03-22-1950 meeting , emigration issues, call for senate investigation of Allied relinquishment of control in Germany

WJC - Photocopy of BBC Transcript 01-29-1970 Report on German Language Article - Topic U.S. Authorities, Passivity toward Nazi Brutality

WJC - Post Office Telegram 1950

WJC - Post War Displaced Personsd Camps, Handwritten note permission for Noah Barou to OASIS camps 1949

WJC - Post-War Material 1950 transcript of Cable - American Jewish Congress Two Day Session May 1950

WJC - Post-War material copy of memo; Noah Barou to Nahum Goldman regarding plans for upcoming conference 'political, social activities'

WJC - re ; Press Conference Lady Reading Post War Tasks Refugees- Reparations Oct. 1949

WJC - Re; Meeting between Lady Reading , Dr. Bienenfield, Max Isenberg and Swedish Minister of Justice Topics; gratitude, heirless deposits, antisemitism

WJC - Refugee List Polish Refugees 1940

WJC - Regarding Press Clippings used by A. L. Easterman Wartime- News Service 1942

WJC - Saul Kagen to Noah Baron Re; Urge German Chancellor to address Jewish Israel Claims without publicity

WJC - Translations of Anti- Jewish Legislation in Hungary, Romenia - Zelmenovits

WJC - US Impounds ship bound for Israel on grounds it contained illegal property. Allegations of Jewish Dominance of illegal smuggling between Germany & Israel Jewish DP 1950

WJC - Wartime A.S, Hodge to Alexander Easterman Re; Minister Bracken declines to meet Dec. 1941

WJC - Wartime Director General to Alexander EAsterman re; Back issues of News Digest - Overseas Press Digest April 20 1943

WJC - Wartime Letter, A. Jellicoe to Alexander Easterman Re; British Broadcasts from Soviet Union May 20 1942

WJC - Wartime Material Basil Matthews to Maurice Perlzweig Re; Letter of Introduction Aug. 1940

WJC - Wartime Material Daniel Reagan, US Bern Legation to Gerhart Riegner Geneva Re; Evacuation of Refugees, war claims plans Feb. 1944

WJC- 2002-10-01 Markowitz names of Holocaust Survivors - Victims