Nazi Hunting

Nazi Party Member Census Record (Copy), Ulrich Henschke, 1941

Nazi Hunting Evidence - 08/01/1941, Berlin; From US Nat. Archives

Evidence 'Report for the War Diary' - Gens. beeb, Rognes & Bayer - Latvian Defense Corps - mass shootings - 08/01/1941

Evidence: SECRET communiquae from SS Gruppenfuhrer Prutzmann to Commander of Rear Army; Re; establishment of indigenous Auxiliary Police Units in Riga - 08/21/1941

Certified Photocopies From National Archives, from Stahlecker Report - 03/30/1979

Certified State Department Translation, from Stahlecker Report. 10/15/1941 (1979-04-21)

Orders For Organization Of Security Police in 'Eastern Territories' From Chief of German Police in the Reich Ministry of The Interior 1941 - Partial Translation

Translation of Excerpts from Document IVO No. 3274 - Reports of Einsatzgruppen-Operational Situation (Report USSR No. 155 With Evidence Analysis -'Estonia')

Operational Situation Report USSR No. 163 - With Partial Translation - ("Extermination of Entire Village of Audrini, Maikovskis")

Typewritten Translation of Memo Marked “Secret” from Comissar General for White Russia to Heinrich Lohse - July 31, 1942

Handwritten Police Reports of Yuriy Teodorovich (George Theodorovich) Documenting his Murder of Jews (With Attached Typewritten English Translations) - August 1942

Copies of Census Reports, and handwritten letters of Rudolf Reese - (August 1944)

Photocopy Evidence from US National Archives of Einsatzgruppe's Top Secret Report in the East, With Maps of Mass Murder actions - Retrieved on 10/26/1945

Antisemitic cartoon in Sweden. Reads “Do you too want to become a slave to the Jews just as the poor Germans are now,” - 1946

Photocopy of the US State Department “Top Secret” Report by Vincent LaVista, a Foreign Service officer in Rome, Released Under Pressure in 1984 (pp. 2-11 Plus Appendices; page 1 missing)

Two Copies of “The Falsehood about the six million Jews said to gassed by Hitler EXPOSED" Booklet by Einar Aberg and Antoine Albina. Swedish English-Language Neofascist Publication, 1958

Photocopied Booklet of “Documentation zur Massen-Vergasung Book 9”, Confession of Kurt Gerstein, 1958 - Edited by Helmut Krausnic

Photocopy Leaflet for “Giovani Nazione”, Urges a Fight Against Cultural Takeover by Marxists, and Equates Marxism to any Anti-fascist Action

An English-Language Antisemetic Propaganda Post Card from Swedish Fascist Einar Aberg - 1962