Frederick Schweitzer: Spring 2007

"Confronting Anti-Semitsm: A Scholar's Life"


Rene Lemarchand: Spring 2007

"The Rwandan Genocide and the Politics of Memory"

First Encounter with Revolution in Rwanda

Memory & Denial

The Truth & Causes of Genocide

Holocaust Analogy

What Should Be Remembered


Eric Reeves: Fall 2007

"A Long Day's Dying: Genocide by Attrition in Darfur"

The 21st Century's First Genocide and Our Response

The Genocide and The Refugees

The Janjaweed and Race

Imitating Past Examples of Inaction

Putting Diplomatic Pressure on China


Jonathan Steinberg: Spring 2007

"Fascist Italy's Conspiracy to Save Jews, 1941-1943"

War Criminals Make an Exception

Fraternization Among Jews, Italians, and Serbs

Letter to Mussolini About Gassing of Jews

German Influence Over Italians


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Calendar of Events


Yousef Bashir

Manhattan College , 4513 Manhattan College Pkwy , Bronx, NY 10471

Author and Palestinian- American, Yousef Bashir, will be discussing his memoir "Words Of My Father" this coming October. His book recalls his adolescence in the Gaza Strip during the Second Intifada. He discusses the occupation, the violence of being shot by an IDF soldier, and how he made a commitment to peace in the face of prejudice and anger. Yousef currently resides in Washington D.C, where he has worked on Capitol Hill and served as a member of the Palestinian Diplomatic Delegation to the United States. He continues to serve as a hardworking advocate on Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.



Peter Hayes: “November 1938 as Turning Point”?

Manhattan College, TBD , 4513 Manhattan College Pkwy , Bronx, NY 10471

Please join us on November 12th, time TBD with Peter Hayes for our annual Kristallnacht Lecture and Frederick Schweitzer lecture. Peter Hayes is a professor of History and German at Northwestern University. He specializes in the histories of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and, in particular, in the conduct of the nation’s largest corporations during the Third Reich.

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